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Delivering cutting-edge video processing solutions globally. Our customers know WISI, and they want to tell you what they think. Project after project, WISI delivers.

Case Studies

Video Processing Solutions

Farmers Telephone Cooperative

“Whenever we get new Inca gear, our technicians are very pleased with how easy it is to actually troubleshoot and maintain. And our customer’s experience really improved with Inca’s video quality.”

– Pete Anderson
Central Office Supervisor, FTC

Video Processing Solutions

Ritter Communications

“Our engineers love the Inca gear. It’s so easy to set up and manage. It takes me no time at all to show them how to add or delete a channel with Inca. With gear from other vendors, it can take weeks to train the team.”

– Joey Willis
Network Engineer, Ritter Communications

Video Processing Solutions

Inspired Technologies

“It was very straight-forward to configure. I sat down one afternoon and got it running within 45 minutes. Everything was very intuitive, and I didn’t have to reference much documentation, which was great.”

– Nick Routa
Managing Partner, Inspired Technologies

Solutions for our global customers


At WISI, we create unique video processing solutions based on the needs of our global customers.

We collaborate directly with video operators worldwide, serving customers in more than 150 countries.

For the WISI customer base, we play a prominent role in understanding customer needs and developing progressive video processing solutions. This philosophy allows us to apply the same standards of integrity and customer service worldwide.

Together with WISI as a trusted partner, operators can implement platforms to define next-generation multiscreen services, as well as to evolve, grow, and remain profitable in the face of today’s rapid change.

Video Processing Solutions at Novus Entertainment

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