HEVC Transcoding

Up to 40% in Bandwidth Savings




Next Generation HEVC Support for Future Proofing and Optimizing Video Distribution

Linear and ABR HEVC Transcoding with the HXC1 Module

Compatible with Existing 4430 & 4440 Modular Chassis

Up to 2 HEVC transcoding modules can be installed into a 4400 Modular Series and work simultaneously with an existing Inca IP transcoding module. The modular nature of the Inca 4400 Series allows operators to affordably and flexibly scale their infrastructure and easily add capacity as their business grows.


Deliver High Efficiency Video Using HEVC Codec

Reduce long-haul transport costs and reach devices on bandwidth constrained networks, such as remote headends or mobile phone clients, by transcoding from existing AVC and MPEG-2 sources in SD and HD resolution into HEVC streams. The HEVC codec provides compression savings of up to 40% while maintaining picture quality.


Maintain Legacy Equipment

Support existing cable TV, IPTV, satellite set top boxes and processing infrastructure by transcoding live SD and HD HEVC sources to AVC or MPEG-2 outputs for IP transport video stream distribution. Optional input modules are available to support ASI, 8VSB and QAM to reduce the need for additional equipment.

HEVC Transcoding to Affordably and Flexibly Scale Existing Video Infrastructure

Up to 16x HD or 40x SD HEVC Sources • Support for SD, HD, & 4K •  VidiOS™ Monitoring and Thumbnails

Linear and ABR HEVC Transcoding

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