High-Density Linear and ABR Transcoding​

WISI has launched the new HXC-200 module for the Inca IP Video Platform. With the new HXC-200 module, operators can now transcode between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC, or to/from the newer HEVC codec, enabling even better compression than was previously possible. ​

This application page will cover the following:

  • Why is transcoding important?​
  • HXC-200 benefits​
  • Why choose WISI for your transcoding project?​
  • Linear and ABR diagram examples


Why is Transcoding Important?

Video transcoding is an important process in the video delivery chain and is critical to compress video services and optimize the amount of content delivered. In its simplest function, it is the conversion of one digital format to another. The process is vital to video operators because it ensures all content in a channel line-up can be viewed on the widest range of devices possible. ​

Transcoding enables the operators to decompress, alter and re-compress video streams. This is important when a target device does not support a current delivery format used in a video network. It is also used to convert incompatible streams to a supported video format. Operators can change a video stream into various formats to offer delivery to a wide range of appliances. End devices are all distinct and operate on their own standards and requirements. Transcoding bridges the gaps among them and enables both linear and adaptive bitrate video delivery.​

Video files are also large and contain a lot of data, consuming a lot of storage and bandwidth during transmission. To address these problems, transcoding utilizes “codecs” to compress video files, removing extra unnecessary data from the video to reduce the size while maintaining the high-quality content. ​

The New High-Density HXC-200 Transcode Module 

High-Density Linear & ABR Transcoding

Deliver high-density video using the new HXC-200 module. Up to 4 HXC-200 transcode modules can be installed in the Inca chassis and can work simultaneously with existing receive or transcode modules. The modular nature of the Inca IP Video Platform allows operators to scale their infrastructure and easily add or change capacity as your business grows.​

HXC Benefits

  • Future-proof your network with next-gen codecs and resolutions – up to 4K/UHD HEVC 12bit​
  • Configure and deploy with ease – bitrate profiles required by industry-leading ecosystem partners are validated and supported​
  • Ensure high-quality content delivery – with advanced de-interlacing and uprating from 30fps to 60fps​
  • Continue to support legacy systems, transcode streams to MPEG-2 in the headend or at the edge​
  • Reduce long-haul transport costs and reach devices on bandwidth-constrained networks (e.g. remote head-ends or mobile phone clients)

Why Choose the Inca Platform for your Transcode project?


Profit from using a modular platform – upgrade or change functionality at any time​


Save big on power costs for high-density deployments – less than 200 W per chassis ​


Reduce operational costs by deploying a platform with integrated monitoring and analytics​


Increase visibility with VidiOS™ – includes video thumbnails, stream downloads and integrated analytics 

Transcode from HEVC Sources to MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Delivery for Linear Applications

Up to 40x HD or 80x SD Services • Automatic service failover, chassis, and power redundancy

High-Density Linear & ABR Transcoding

Deliver High-Quality Outputs for Multiscreen Delivery

Transcode 24x HD or 80x SD Sources to ABR Profiles • Transcode Dolby AC-3 into AAC for multiscreen device support

High-Density Linear & ABR Transcoding

Linear & ABR Transcoding Applications​


Enable efficient HD and SD IP video distribution by transcoding high bitrate MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC sources to optimized MPEG-4 AVC or HEVC


Receive all your local broadcast channels, and transcode them for delivery over linear and multiscreen networks


Transcode content to multiple bitrate profiles for an on-premise ABR deployment, or to support a fully hosted ABR solution


Ingest HEVC video streams and transcode to MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 to serve existing networks

Launch High-Density Transcode with the Inca IP Video Platform ​

High-Density Linear & ABR Transcoding
High-Density Linear & ABR Transcoding

High-density transcode between HEVC, MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2


Modular, flexible chassis with less than 200 W per chassis


Effective diagnostic tools with VidiOS™ – deep visibility and efficient troubleshooting




Output as multicast IP, HLS, MPEG-DASH or SRT

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