Vancouver, CANADA, September 10, 2019 – Home shopping network Shop LC Global Inc. recently selected WISI to help streamline distribution and connect directly with video operators – thus significantly reducing latency in their live broadcasts and eliminating costly third-party delivery services.

Using the Chameleon and Tangram headend platforms, Shop LC was able to discontinue use of a third-party company to distribute to 35 over-the-air affiliates, while reducing over 10 seconds of latency caused by legacy equipment. This provides huge savings for the network based in Austin Texas, which reaches approximately 80 million households in the United States, selling jewelry, fashion accessories and homeware at low costs.

WISI is an established leader in carrier-grade video delivery solutions with their award-winning management and monitoring tools.

Before deploying the Inca products, Shop LC had limited options involving third-party distribution of their feed to their over-the-air affiliates. The Shop LC engineering team was tasked with the role of reducing latency in their live broadcasts after an internal study found that every second of delay resulted in a loss of revenue.

Shop LC now utilizes the Tangram high-density video platform to deliver content straight from their studio to various Chameleons placed in headend locations across the U.S. – enabling them to reduce the number of devices in their delivery path and eliminate costly recurring third-party fees.

“We looked at a couple other vendors, but nobody else offered the versatility that we needed,” said Matt Ingram, broadcast engineer at Shop LC. “The Chameleon is aptly named, because it can do just about anything. It’s great because with the Chameleon we can output streams in whatever format each individual headend needs.”

The highly flexible Chameleon allows operators to bridge easily between legacy and digital environments, supporting multiple input and output formats simultaneously. This versatile platform can receive 8VSB, QAM, ASI or IP streams, and output as NTSC analog, SDI, QAM, ASI or IP. Additionally, the Chameleon’s small footprint and low-power consumption allows operators to save on headend costs by replacing inefficient legacy gear.

“Our old equipment was adding quite a bit of latency on the receiving end of our feed,” added Ingram. “Once we enabled the Chameleon, we shaved off over 10 seconds. We found latency dropped from the highest point of 15 seconds to under 4 seconds. With noticeably better video quality, the results speak for themselves.”

Shop LC also utilizes WISI’s Inca All Seeing Eye product which supports the monitoring of streams generated by other vendor equipment to provide a true network-wide view of all video streams. “Using the All Seeing Eye allows any member of the Shop LC team to monitor all of our streams with deeper visibility and better control through a simple web browser,” said Ingram.

WISI America CEO Robert Bell says he’s particularly pleased to have found a great partner in Shop LC. “We appreciate Shop LC in recognizing the quality of our products and the value we bring to broadcasters and video operators alike.”

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About WISI

Founded in 1926, WISI has consistently innovated video reception and distribution technology for nearly 100 years. With customers in more than 150 countries, WISI helps video distributors minimize operating costs while maximizing the scale and efficiency at every point in their network. For more information on WISI’s Inca, Tangram and Chameleon product families, visit

About Shop LC

Shop LC Global Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vaibhav Global Ltd. (VGL), a vertically integrated company with global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities. Shop LC is a value-conscious, socially responsible, interactive home-shopping retailer focused on fine jewelry, beauty, fashion, home décor and lifestyle products. Established in 2007, Shop LC reaches approximately 80 million U.S. households offering live programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Shop LC is also proud to serve the communities where it works and operates. Shop LC One for One is a global campaign that donates one meal to a hungry child for each item that is purchased. For more information, visit

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